Problems with firefox only (mails and pdf do not display)

the following problems appear with Firefox only, all platforms that I could test. But all is OK with Chrome and Edge, even OK with Firefox in private mode windows.
I searched several times in the forums but found no solution !
1- in the mail clent embedded in nextcloud interface, the mail subject display correctly, but all the mail body is replaced by grey lines.
2- when I try to display a pdf stored in nextcloud it appears black.
Both problems do notappear in other navigators and in the private window of fierfox.
Thank you for any suggestion.
(I have a proxy configuration with a reditection managed by the syno proxy).
Have a good day !

Hello all.
Am I the only one with this problem ?
Lastest version of firefox , latest version of nextcloud.

Thank you for any clue here !

Finally I found out the solution : the nextcloud site must be an exception for 2 extensions simultaneously : uBlock Origin and Ghostery.
Previously I only tested by removing one at a time !

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