Problems with every update since 1.26

In June, there were problems with the update of Nextcloupi from 1.25 to 1.26. In the first version of the update, a lot of users could not access the Nextcloud anymore, including me. There was a fix available very soon which seemed to solve the problems for most users.

However, since this event every single new update creates a certain problem at my installation. The problem appeared again today with the current update to 1.28: It is impossible to write anything to the nexcloud via webdav. Reading files from the Nextcloud using webdav does work, CalDav write and read works as well. Fixing the permissions does solve the problem. Checking system/nc-info does not show any problem.

The only work-around for me is to perform a backup shortly before any update and and then restore this backup after every update and then reboot. This does work (so far) but it is very inconvenient, as restoring takes many hours.

The problem must still be connect to this problematic update from 1.25. to 1.26 in June. It must have permanently changed something at my installation.

Any idea how I could fix this problem?

Thanks and best regards!

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