Problems with Contact-Sync and Thunderbird 102

Nextcloud Version: 25.0.3
Thunderbird Version: 102.7.1 for Linux

After the Update to Thunderbird 102, I removed all plugins related to CardDav and CalDav and used the native features to keep address books and Calendars synchronized.

Everything seemed to work fine, but now I discovered that different changes I made in the address book have not been synchronized to my Nextcloud server. I checked the network console in Thunderbird and saw, that the corresponding requests fail with error 401.

I installed TBsync but that just made everything worse, the address books were not synched at all. So I switched back to the native way and noticed something interesting: I created a new contact which was successfully synchronized to my Nextcloud server. So I tried it again later and the problem with the 401-Error occurred again.

Am I the only one being affected by this issue? Anybody knows how to fix it?

hello @marcelnk welcome to the forum :handshake:

401 in general means “unauthorized” - user and/or password stored in TB must be wrong.
AFAIK TB doesn’t support LoginFlow auth so you should create “device password” and use it as TB credencial…