Problems logging in on own server - android app

I just installed nextcloud for the first time. I have deployed my own server in a docker container through together with their Letsencrypt-nginx-fail2ban container .
I can login through my browser on user account I created. But on my android phone after I write my credentials it asks me to “Grant access to phone”. When I click “grant” there is a quick swap of windows and maybe some error msg but Its so fast I cant see whats happening. Then immediately I come back to the login window again. If I try to login again exactly the same - grant access and back to home screen…

Can I find any logs on the android app or anywhere else to get a clue to what is going on?

Hi Inkog and welcome to the forum!

Please could you login to your Nextcloud on your PC and go to “Settings -> Security” - Here you should have a category called “Devices & sessions”. Check if the your Android Device is listed and try to revoke the access and try again to login with your Android App.

Other than that, I’m not sure if there actually is a log in Android devices. You could only check your Nextcloud Log to see if that shows any error messages.