Problems installing using Docker Compose

Hey all
I am attempting to use Docker-Compose to setup nextcloud and I am having an odd issue. Using the linked compose file, Redis and Postgres create and function properly. When I compose up the nextcloud app, it prompts me to go through the setup wizard.

Am I missing something in my compose file?

I have been fighting this for over a week and it is driving me nuts



hi @apperrault welcome to the forum :handshake:

Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already

you are using linuxserver custom image. at least In the past they added lot of “uncommon” things in their images. for this reason you better ask them for support:

I did do a search, but maybe not good enough. I wasn’t aware I was using the non-standard image. Let me see if changing that to the official one changes anything.

I will do a better search and report back if I continue to have issues


sounds very similar to this thread: Nextcloud docker-compose not passing environment variables? - #14 by strvnmrvn - Container Support -

I feel like a total idiot. Changing to the correct image and everything comes up as anticipated. The password that I set isn’t working, but that is something I should be able to fix

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