Problems forum to reach via ipv6

The forum has problems being reached over ipv6. So people with dual-stack or ipv6-only might experience some outages. It was reported here: problem with SSL & ipv6 路 Issue #1411 路 nextcloud/ 路 GitHub

here the problem with missing secured protocols:

@Daphne: Can you help us to reach out to the infrastructure team at Nextcloud?

Did you try searching and asking on the very helpful
Possibly also

another important issue infrastructure team could take a look: login with google doesn鈥檛 work since months
maybe it鈥檚 related to TLS or IPv6 as well鈥

Possible the Google Oauth token expired and just needs to be addressed (on the Google account that set it up)

hey! I reached out to my colleagues and they told me that there was a problem last Saturday and that it鈥檚 resolved

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Thanks, it鈥檚 working again :smiley:

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Problem seems to appear again. Can鈥檛 connect via IPv6鈥 SSLLabs can鈥檛 cannot connect either