Problems deleting folders with sync app

Hi, I have just updated to 26.0.2, and I was testing Nextcloud app sync on Fedora.
When deleting files, I get no errors, and these are syncronised.

But for folder I get:

Argument #1 ($root) must be of type OC\Files\Node\Root, OC\Files\Node\LazyRoot given.

Is this an issue on the latest update?

I am running nextcloud in docker.

I am can delete folders from the filesystem and nextcloud can see that, but when deleting from the Web or from my synced folder, it does not work.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

Was it working before? Then it can be.

Perhaps others can reproduce. You use the desktop client on fedora? Version numbers would be great.

So if you delete a folder either on the webinterface, or on the desktop client, these changes are not propagated back to the client or back to the server?

Thanks checking.

Client version is Version 3.8.2 (Fedora).

That’s correct.

But I think this is a bug with the new version, as I can’t delete any folder using Nextcloud.

This means, if I create a folder in Nextcloud web, I can’t delete it as it fails.

And this happens even on the Android app client.

I can still delete files, but not folders.

Seems to be related to this Can't delete folders while the app is enabled · Issue #1068 · owncloud/music · GitHub

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