Problems after updating to NC 25

Hi, after updating from NC 24.0.11 to NC 25.0.5
I have some problems that I have not been able to solve
I would appreciate your help.

  1. On the login page I have a problem that it shows [productName] instead of what I set in Theming or even Nextcloud.

After checking the forum ( I saw that it is related to the language of the browser/system
And indeed it is when I open the browser in English, everything works and is displayed correctly.
Now I have no idea how to solve this problem so that it will display it correctly in other languages
Before the update, I didn’t have this problem…

  1. office
    I use Collabora Online/Nextcloud Office
    And the Collabora Online server runs on its own docker and it worked great until the update after the update it just doesn’t open documents it says that it is connected to the server but it doesn’t open documents. The server itself works and is accessible and also no setting has changed before or after the update.
    I would appreciate the help to understand what the problem is - I saw that there are quite a few people with the problems after the update to 25, but they all use the built-in and not separately.

NextCloud version: 25.0.11
PHP version: 8.1
System version: Debian 11 inside CT of Proxmox.
Nextcloud behind a reverse proxy But nothing has changed and everything was working before the update.


For your theming issue, you said English is no problem. How about some other left-to-right language (if you manage to read one so you can switch back to English afterwards). Is that an issue as well.
Then perhaps create a topic on the bugtracker at Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub.

For the collabora stuff, I’d put that in a separate thread an post it in the collabora sub-section.