Problems after NCP update from 1.51.0 to 1.51.2


my NCP runs in a container without problems since yesterday.

I updated to 1.51.2 and want to update NC from to 25.0.5 with ncp-config.

I became this error:

Running nc-update-nextcloud
Current Nextcloud version
Available Nextcloud version 25.0.5
ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host ‘db:3306’ (-2)
Done. Press any key…

Ok, want to update over NCP webpanel.

It runs and at the end it is and over and over with errors (no files, etc)

Then I want to update over adminarea. Here is this error:

  • Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • .data_2023-04-16

Nowhere I can find this file

Have someone an idea?

Thanks regards

The mysql problem is gone … have to change on line in compose … update went fine

but where I can find the extra file?

The file (it’s actually a directory) is a backup of NC’s files. You will find it inside the current data folder (run sudo ncc config:system:get datadirectory if you don’t know where that is).

Yes I know thanks, but there isn’t this file

Ah, sorry, you’re right. It will be in /var/www/nextcloud. It’s a leftover from the restore process after the failed update.