Problema disconnessione

Nextcloud version (eg, 18.0.2): 2.6.5
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Win10 vers. 2004

Ho installato Nextcloud sul mio pc e sul mio cellulare.

Quando avvio il mio pc si avvia la seguente maschera che mi dice che sono disconnesso dal cloud.

Perché non rimane connesso?

hey @luipez

as this is an italian posting and as the mutual language of the forum is english I moved your topic to international subcategory (right now there’s no italian subforum, I’m afraid. Not enough requests for it so far).

If you want more ppl to understand your question feel free to post it in english ( might help you with that quest).

from what I understood of your posting I have 2 hints for you:

  • please put as much information into your issues as possible… which machines, softwares, versions, configuration files, logfiles, etc. you’re gonna raise chances that someone would find a solution.
  • do serach the forum ahead of opening a new thread… always. Since I am pretty sure that there are already some nice solutions about your problem.

thanks and happy nc’ing

Online a questo link: ho trovato la stessa problematica, risolta, ma per Linux.

Per WIN10 qual’è il problema?


Thank you!