Problem with web updater


I use nextcloud on a raspberry. It is Version 12.0.0. Now I did a install but the installer tried version 13 without a warning that I must install latest v12. Now I can try what I want, also the update to the latest v12 does give me the message that I cannot cross the version borders.
I did copy back the backup and v12.0.0 is working fine but any update give me now this message.
What can i do?
Is there a way to tell the web updater to get latest v12?


So did the installer run something? The version.php and the version in your config/config.php do they show the initial version of your NC 12 setup (they are in the main nextcloud folder on your server, e.g. /var/www/nextcloud)?


version php: ‘version’ => ‘’,

I think this was the initial one.

I’m not sure, but I think even with the production channel, the automatic updater is pushing you for NC 13. In such cases, I’d do a manual update to the latest NC 12 version, however, you should soon consider upgrading to NC 13 since support for NC 12 stops with the release of NC 14 (or a small time after).