Problem with transfer ownership

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): Space 24.0.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): NAME=“Ubuntu” VERSION=“20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa)”
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): replace me
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.0.20
DB Type: mysql: Version: 8.0.29

snap list
Name Version Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
core18 20220428 2409 latest/stable canonical✓ base
nextcloud 24.0.1snap1 31033 latest/stable nextcloud✓ -
snapd 2.56 16010 latest/stable canonical✓ snapd

The issue you are facing:

Error on command /snap/bin/nextcloud.occ files:transfer-ownership

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. do command /snap/bin/nextcloud.occ files:transfer-ownership

root@nextcloud1z1:~# /snap/bin/nextcloud.occ files:transfer-ownership oksana.shevchenko
Validating quota
Analysing files of …
2194 [============================]
Collecting all share information for files and folders of …
77 [============================]
Transferring files to oksana.shevchenko/files/transferred from Kim, Olga on 2022-06-16 10-34-57 …
Restoring shares …
70/77 [=========================>–] 90%Could not restore share with id 50025:Could not get proper share mount for 1522103. Failing since else the next calls are called with null : #0 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/lib/private/Share20/Manager.php(992): OC\Share20\Manager->generalCreateChecks()
#1 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/apps/files/lib/Service/OwnershipTransferService.php(421): OC\Share20\Manager->updateShare()
#2 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/apps/files/lib/Service/OwnershipTransferService.php(185): OCA\Files\Service\OwnershipTransferService->restoreShares()
#3 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/apps/files/lib/Command/TransferOwnership.php(150): OCA\Files\Service\OwnershipTransferService->transfer()
#4 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/3rdparty/symfony/console/Command/Command.php(255): OCA\Files\Command\TransferOwnership->execute()
#5 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(1009): Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command->run()
#6 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(273): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRunCommand()
#7 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(149): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRun()
#8 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/lib/private/Console/Application.php(211): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->run()
#9 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/console.php(99): OC\Console\Application->run()
#10 /snap/nextcloud/31033/htdocs/occ(11): require_once(’…’)
#11 {main}
77/77 [============================] 100%

and one more:
after transfer files user can see folder, read files but doesn’t have full access to files and folders