Problem with the UPDATE system

Hello everyone !

It looks my NC have a problem ! :frowning: When i try to launch the update system i got this error [SEE FIRST SCREEN], when i push the UPDATE button again after getting this error, I got the second error [SEE SECOND SCREEN]


Im running on an OVH webhosting, PHP version 7.1

Thank you :slight_smile:

ADD: Now my website is stucked “UPDATE IN PROCESS” :frowning:

30 minutes after, the update is still stucking my website

Sorry to hear of your mishap. Please consider to upgrade to PHP 7.3 as some general advice.

Furthermore, have a look below at some similar advice from me and you may find some content suitable to your more general issue, I presume.

Happy hacking.

Thank but i don’t really understand how upgrade to 7.3 can help me to debug me website… im still stuck

IMHO this was quite obvious and almost very clear from the beginning and please understand at your best interest you should consider studying at least some of the NC documents, I presume.

Furthermore, you report utterly lacks any details of the installation in danger and the whole issue seems to be quite unclear just because of that, unfortunately.

Good luck.

Okay thank… :slight_smile: