Problem with the server for collabora

Hi, I installed nextcloud with softaculous and in the web page in nextcloud I intalled collabora online but I don’t know what is the server to my collabora online my webpage is in hawkhost (hosting) and I make all this, could you help me please what is the server that I need? Thank you.


For Collabora there are two things you need:

  • Collabora server installed locally or on a second server
  • Collabora app installed in Nextcloud where you enter the server address of your Collabora server

Furthermore if you have HTTPS enabled for Nextcloud you have to set up HTTPS for Collabora as well.

To install the server (locally) you could use docker for example. An install guide can be found here:
under point 1. “Install the Collabora Online server”.

This site also contains some help for troubleshooting.

I hope this helps.

Thank you I will try this solution.