Problem with own Auth App since update to NC27

Really, the simple question is this:
Is there some easy way to provide 10 lines of php code to the authentication process without needing hundreds of lines of php and control hashes to create a private/personal app that nobody else can use anyway?
Remember Linus? Keep it simple …

The have tutorials how to set up an app:

Unfortunately, it is a bit more than just 10 lines of code. But the purpose is to have an app that can then be distributed through the app store and fits within the design etc.

You can of course just change things in the code itself and add your 10 lines of code there. But you have to be careful, you have to add this code after each update, and other parts of the code might have changed and your 10 lines perhaps don’t work any more. With the official app, you have interfaces to use that don’t change very often, if they change there are announcements etc.

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Hello, thank you for reacting to my request. I do believe in your way to the top of the market you lost a bit the grounding. I really believe there are many like me that still want to add some private extensions to nextcloud in a pretty simple, lets call it straight-forward way. I do accept your creation of a full-blown developer environment and it sure boosted the app development. But what about the strictly local/private devs that want to enhance their personal cloud with features nobody else would need or want anyway?
This is a bit of a policy talk of course …
I mean appinfo/app.php was pretty ok for that as an easy interface. But now it is shot down completely (till 26 is was “only” deprecated).

First of all, we are just users like you.

Perhaps you could describe what you are actually trying to achieve with these 10 lines of code, rather than starting a debate about principles. Maybes someone will be able to give you tips on how to achieve your goal in a relatively simple way, or there may even be someone who has already done what you want to do. Probably not me… :wink: But there are also app developers in the forum.

Really I am not in here for complaining about me being not able to reach my goal. Maybe my intention did not quite make it through my writing.
I am really generally talking about the way things are going forward with app development and would like to point out that there is more than just business app development or even structured development. Clearly the app environment targets in this direction, and there is nothing wrong with that. Still I do think it would be a good idea to give some room to a lets call it anarchic approach of hacking things “quick-and-dirty” together to find out probably much later that it has a more general value for the public - or not. To support this idea not much is needed. Let me throw some ideas at you. How about two apps folders. One for public, signed app store apps coming from the currently favored platform and one for private, experimental use, non-signed and with some additional easy to use plugin-interface. This gives the user a clear view about what is safe to use and what is probably highly-experimental. And it is a good place for personal closed apps nobody else needs anyway - an open playground if you like to call it that way. Because in the end, a big project like this needs a growing base of young ambitioned people. So why not give them an easy entrance and let them grow. The money is on the enterprise level, sure, but the heart of the project is in the non-commercial community.