Problem with ocm-provider

After migrating from Nextcloud 27.1.1 to 27.1.2, in the security and configuration warnings, I received the following message: "Your web server is not properly configured to resolve “/OCT/ocm-provider/,” with OCT being my Nextcloud directory. I noticed that the ocm-provider folder was no longer present. I copied it from version 27.1.1 to version 27.1.2, but the problem was not resolved. I also attempted to add the following line:

RewriteRule ^\OCT/ocm-provider /OCT/ocm-provider [R=301,L]

to the .htaccess file, but it did not fix the issue. In the past, I successfully made modifications to the .htaccess file, particularly for CardDAV, CalDAV, Webfinger, and Nodeinfo, which resolved similar error messages. Is there a bypass or a solution for this issue?
Thank-you !

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Same problem - following

I am using Apache as my web server, and previously it has been rock solid

Same problem form me. After upgrading from Nextcloud 27.1.1 to 27.1.2 through web based updater I get the same configuration warning. I’m using Apache too.

Same problem with Nginx

Hi Guys try to have a look on this treat First RC of Nextcloud 27.1.2 - #47 by Joern_Kenntnisreich there is your Solution.

I have the same problem. After upgrade to 27.1.2 the ocm-provider folder is missing. I downloaded and looked inside. Could not found ocm-provider there. I think that is the problem. I have submitted a bug. [Bug]: ocm-provider is missing from · Issue #40920 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Removing a slash in .htaccess as indicated in the link below worked for me:

Solved with version 27.1.3

I am running 27.1.3 updated from 27.1.2. The problem is still there.

The problem seems to be that the rule in .htaccess is pointing to a directory which was included in 27.1.1 but not in 27.1.3. No amount of toying with .htaccess or nginx config will make the error message go away. ISTM the question resolves to one of two alternatives:

  1. The directory is not needed, has been removed, the error message is, therefore incorrect and the test which generates it should also be removed as should the rewrite rule…
  2. The error message is correct and the directory should be reinstated.

Which of these is correct?

The former is because NGINX does not support .htaccess files, matter of fact it ignores them. For the latter this and this might be of any help.


still unsolved on version 27.1.7

Neither. ocm-provider is still handled by Nextcloud. It’s no longer a folder, but it’s a live route.

If you’re still encounter this warning today…

The error means that https://domain.tld/$WEBROOT/ocm-provider isn’t functioning.



Or, if using a subdirectory installation:


(These can also be visited in a browser to test - which is the setup check is doing anyway).

To fix:

  • If web server is Nginx: Make sure you’re running the up-to-date Nginx config from for your installed version of Nextcloud. Check it carefully - it is periodically updated and was for ocm-provider when the handling changed.
  • If using Apache, make sure you have the .htaccess in your Nextcloud installation directory that gets updated automatically with each release. If still failing, post the line in it that mentions ocm-provider and also confirm you aren’t also getting also setup check failures (because another cause would be if your .htaccess is either being ignored by your Apache config or if it’s being used but some of the required modules are causing some of the rules in it to be ignored). Apache setup instructions are also located in the Admin Manual in the Installation chapter -

Hi @Jorge_Gutierrez:

Post details:

  • your web server
  • your install method
  • your config