Problem with nextcloud web in linux's browser

My problem is the next one, I am using nextcloud only for home network (only LAN) and when i put de server address in the browser only work when I am using Windows.
When i put de address using linux, this happen:
What I put -> SERVER-IP/nextcloud
What it seach ->
So the browser can not find anything.

Thank for reading and helping me,

Hi @David_Apellido,

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What is your browser ?

If you try https://your-ip/nextcloud ?

Thanks for your quick answer
I use Firefox for both

I do not put certificate setup, first I want to make sure that with base configuration it works fine.

Firefox do add “www” to the domain name.

Use the URL:
(your ip adress, beginn with http://, bookmark the website)

Okay, if I put de IP directly it works
But why in Windows the firefox do not put anything and in Linux yes?

Perhaps there are different setttings.

In the browser:


Search differences between Windows and Linux.

In my case both have the same configuration.

Nothing with

Use the ip-address and copy it as start page or bookmark.

When you say “SERVER-IP”, is it the IP address of the server or the local domain?

The local domain of the server, sorry. My fault.

Thanks you very much for your help, I did not know the ‘about:config’ comand in Firefox.
I will continue searching.
I try with this other comand but nothing.

what if you try that: your-domain.local/nextcloud ?

Thank you very much
I am really happy right now, at last
Thank you

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Great !!!
please put this subject as resolved

how can i do that?

It’s already done :grinning:

Ok. It is a nameserver problem with your local router.

look for the ip-address of your nextcloud. There you can find “.local”.

host a.b.c.d
nslookup a.b.c.d