Problem with group folder and thrash bin


we are using NC v. 21.0.3 with the group folders app v. 9.0.3 and have some questions about this app:

  1. where is the thrasbin of the group folder, when files are deleted?
  2. how do I get the groupfolder name to a respective ID under /datastore/__groupfolders/ ?

I tried to delete the trasbins of all group folders with “occ groupfolders:trashbin:cleanup”, but one trash folder does not to be cleared;

the problem regarding to the IDs and the corresponding groupfolder name could be solved via search in the mysql database;

now I´m trying to delete the group folder trashbins via cron job:

sudo -u www-data php -f /var/www/html/occ groupfolders:trashbin:cleanup -n

sadly this does not clear the trash bins;

when I try sudo -u www-data php -f /var/www/html/occ groupfolders:trashbin:cleanup and acknowledgde the following question manually with y the trashbins get cleared;

occ groupfolders:list should work. see group folder command line config with occ for full reference. little extract below for better searching in this forum:

Group folders can be configured on the command line (cli) using the occ command:

  • occ groupfolders:create <name> → create a group folder
  • occ groupfolders:delete <folder_id> [-f|--force] → delete a group folder and all its contents
  • occ groupfolders:expire → trigger file version expiration (see Nextcloud docs for details)
  • occ groupfolders:group <folder_id> <group_id> [-d|--delete] [write|share|delete] → assign groups and their rights to a group folder
  • occ groupfolders:list → list configured group folders
  • occ groupfolders:permissions → configure advanced permissions (see below for details)
  • occ groupfolders:quota <folder_id> [<quota>|unlimited] → set a quota for a group folder
  • occ groupfolders:rename <folder_id> <name> → rename a group folder
  • occ groupfolders:scan <folder_id> → trigger a filescan for a group folder
  • occ groupfolders:trashbin:cleanup → empty the trashbin of all group folders