Problem with GpxEdit and GpxMotion when choosing file or folder to open or save

I am having a problem with GpxEdit and GpxMotion: when I have to choose a file or a folder to open or save a GPX file, no folder list appears, only what is shown in the screenshot below.

If I observe the browser’s network activity with developer tools, I see that when pressing the button a filepicker template is asked (core/templates/filepicker.html) and returned, and then a PROPFIND to webdav for remote.php/dav/files/igor/ which returns the following:

As you can see, there is a suspicious 404 error with every folder, this may be the cause, but I do not know what causes it…

Maybe @eneiluj, the developer of both apps, can help, but it is probably core related more than to the apps themselves?

The problem started at some point in the migration from OwnCloud 9 to NextCloud 14, which I recently did gradually (OC9 -> OC10 -> NC12 -> NC13 -> NC14) and I am pretty sure it was when passing to NC12, but the problem persists.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

To make sure the problem was not caused by a mistake you made when upgrading, you could make a fresh install of NC14 and try GpxEdit in this new instance ? If filepicker works fine there, you probably did something wrong or maybe your browser’s cache is not up to date…

GpxEdit and GpxMotion are just calling the OC.dialogs.filepicker function. It should work fine. It works fine for me with NC 14.0.4 .

Any progress on your side ?

Same thing happening with a fresh install… However, I did not make a new database for the new install, maybe there is some misconfiguration or a version confusion in it?

Could you try with a real fresh install ? Use an SQLite DB to make the install simpler. Then you will only have to delete nextcloud directory and the database will be also deleted.

I have done a fresh install of NextCloud 14 with SQLite, installed GpxEdit and it does the same…

Well, now it suddenly started working, and I do not know why… It is very strange, that this was happening only to me, and then it started working… Anyway, consider this solved, and thanks for all the help! And continue with your great work with GPX tools for NextCloud, @eneiluj, I use your tools a lot!

Same problem for me. Fresh new installation in parallel with owncloud but on different machines. Imported some GPX, trying to edit, when I want to save the modified one, the filepicker allows me to browse folders, but for each folder it tells “no files here” and if I choose the folder, the track is not saved, also if the message “exporting to gpx” appears a never finishes.
Nextcloud and gpxedit are fresh new installed yesterday.
Logs do not report any problem …