Problem with freenas jail and nextcloud plugin

hi I installed freenas 12.2_u5 with jail and the nextcloud plugin, now I’m trying to configure the SSL connection but I can’t find the configuration files and I don’t know if by chance I’m in nginx, you can help me kindly. Thank you

I don’t know if there is someone here who knows this plugin very well in order to help you directly without further information. Problem here, this task is more system and webserver specific than it has to do with Nextcloud itself. I found a few threads regarding the plugin within the freenas community, it looks more like it was an apache webserver (in the threads, you’ll find some useful tricks like to find what webserver you are using):

I don’t know if it is the same plugin. For the letsencrypt certificates, I would try to find a description from this year. I am not sure, but perhaps you have a normal FreeBSD environment within the jail and can just try one of their guides. Problem 1: how to get a certificate, 2: how to configure the webserver. There should be some documentation about this with the Nextcloud plugin.

Thanks!!! I hope resolved