Problem with filenames that include the word javascript

I hit a problem with this:
System Nextcloud 18 - docker-fpm

If you upload a file that contains the word “javascript” in its filename you can’t share it.
Hitting the share symbol just leads to an Error reading file data.

Reproducing is simple just name a file Testfile_javascript.txt and try to share it.

I didn’t investigate further as the simple workaround is to rename the file.

But I think it a little spooky, as if filenames are not treated with enough separation from the code. I don’t hope a lovingly crafted filename could be used to execute code.

btw. Thanks for Nextcloud

I can confirm this.
NextCloud 18, PHP 7.2., Hosting Service

It is also not just the share feature. Same thing happens when trying to select the “Details” for the file. Problem appears to be any use of the word ‘Javascript’ in the file name, mixed case included. Also happens without word separation. So all these file names exhibit the problem:

  • JavaScript.pdf
  • Javascript Book.pdf
  • justabunchofjavascriptstuff.pdf

File extension does not seem to matter.