Problem with exo files

As soon as I turn on the Android app very many
Files Uploaded or created.

@Andy @mario


Question are where do these files originate, what is the app version.
Looking at the file names they are not created by nextcloud but another app but reside in a place where auto upload detects them while all this is guessing since I just look at a screenshot from windows file explorer :frowning:
Auto upload would rather rename duplicates like 1,2,3,4,5etc…

Also new auto upload cannot create duplicates even if you try :slight_smile:

They come from the mobile phone my daughter has the app of Nextclud first stalked

Can you give more details if she uploaded a file from a different app? What are these *.exo files?

According to “the internet” exo is you tube app only offline video chunk file extension only playable via you tube app. So my guess would be that the app has a folder configured pointing to a youtube cache folder?
@Buko what Nextcloud app version is running on that device?

I have installed the latest.
For whatever reason! The memory of the mobile phone was full what probably led to it

@Buko there is no “latest”, since this could be latest dev build, latest RC build, latest stable build (depending on f-droid or GPlay)… :wink: