Problem with directory names with "foreign" characters

I have successfully used previewgenerator on an external drive of hundreds of archived photos except for one problem. As it scans the directories in the source volume it entirely skps those which have filenames with “foreign” characters (for example é, ü, à and so on). All other directories are read and processed correctly, however. Is there some configuration setting I can make to get the program to process those other directories, too? Or would this require some modifications to the previewgenerator app? (Btw, changing the directory names to eliminate those troublesome characters is not an option for me.)

Further info: The source volume is an hfsplus formatted directory from a Macintosh (created with macOS 10.11.6); the destination directory is linux (Ubuntu 16.04). Directory listings of the volume are correct both with the Mac Finder and with Nautilus & Dolphin on Ubuntu. However, my linux bash shell used to run preview does NOT display the directory names correctly – the foreign characters show up as question marks (this is a common problem for bash, even though all desktop apps show the directory names with no problems).

Any suggestions? Thanks.

That’s odd.

Unfortunately I can’t help you, but I don’t have this problem, even though I have the same configuration (source: MacOS, destination: Ubuntu 16.04).

I ran the command on the Linux bash shell too, connected via SSH from MacOS.

It turns out the problem had nothing to do with previewgenerator. I had done some repartitioning and in the the process somehow one of the file systems became corrupt. After I fixed that issue, the previewgenerator worked as advertised. All directories containing “foreign” characters now ARE being processed correctly.

Sorry to make you jump through hoops to try to replicate my original problem. I really appreciate the attention to the issue, though. Thanks.

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