Problem with CLI Installing (a.k.a.

I am using RPI 3B+ (Debian bookworm)
The problem is that, after entering ncp-config, and to CONFIG, after selecting nc-nextcloud ensues an fatal error of

Running nc-nextcloud
Downloading Nextcloud …
couldn’t download

Clicking to nc-init results in:

Running nc-init
Setting up a clean Nextcloud instance… wait until message ‘NC init done’
Setting up database…

*** FATAL CONFIG FILE ERROR (Redis 7.0.15) ***
Reading the configuration file, at line 2277

wrong number of arguments

Clicking to nc-webui:

Running nc-webui
Site ncp already disabled
ncp-web disabled
Done. Press any key…
without any possiblity to change the value to yes, or just enable it. It perpetually turns off.

Moreover, all of these actions are accompanied with:

cat: /usr/local/etc/ncp-version: No such file or directory

What is the problem?

P.S. routing into the ip address returns 404 Not Found error.
If I have to download the correct image, which one should I choose for RPI 3B+?