Problem with calendar and contacts

Hi All,

I’m running a private Nextcloud installation on a Raspi-2, under Raspbian. On the client side I have 2 boxes with Debian, Thunderbird with the Lightning and Cardbook plugins. This setup has worked for years.

Starting with 14.0.1 I faced a strange problem:

Calendar and contacts only worked with one of the Debian boxes. On this one without problems, on the other one I always got an error when starting Thunderbird:

An error occured when writing to the calender job.

Editing the calendar thru the nextcloud-webgui worked always as it should. After I lot of checking the setups without finding something I decided to do some debugging/logging. I changed the line

‘debug’ => false,

in nextcloud/config/config.php from false to true, and was very astonished that the problem went away. Now the contacts and calender also worked on the Debian box where it hasn’t worked before.

Meanwhile I have updated ro 14.0.4, but the problem stays. As far as I can remember I had the same problem with 14.0.3, but not with 13.0.7 or older nextcloud versions.

At the moment the “‘debug’ => true,” with “‘loglevel’ => ‘4’,” is an acceptable workaround for me. But there must be a bug somewhere, it is illogical that I have to activate logging to get the calendar and contacts working on one of my 2 boxes.

Maybe one of you folks can give me a hint. Thanks in advance

Hi folks,

nobody here to help ?

I have further investigated this prob in relation to

‘memcache.local’ => ‘\OC\Memcache\APCu’

but no luck.

And I have seen that other folks have similar problems since nextcloud 14, regarding carddav, caldav, lightning and so on.

What is going on here ?