Problem with adding row with api


I have problem with request to add row i table. After POST reuest /index.php/apps/tables/api/1/tables/10/rows the response is:
“message”: “Column with id 0 is not part of table with id 10”

What’s wrong?


I also get this message trying to add a new row via POST-Request.
The message is referring to
“colum with id 0”
allthough id 0 isn’t part of my request.

My data structure looks like this:

data ={
    "tableId": 11,
    "createdBy": "user",
    "createdAt": "2023-04-01 09:20:42",
    "lastEditBy": "user",
    "lastEditAt": "2023-04-01 09:20:42",
        "columnId": 101,
        "value": {"Col1": "Tiger"} 

Is there an error in my structure or could this be an API internal related issue?

I checked tableId and columnId. They are correct. GET request work just fine.

Maybe API documentation differs from actual requirements? Could 0 be used as default columnId value?

I am running tables V0.7 beta2 and used OCS API Viewer and Python for testing. Both ways leading to the same result.

Did others run into this message as well?