Problem when specifying the IP address of the OnlyOffice Docs Server

When specifying the IP address of the OnlyOffice Docs server, an error occurs:
An error occurred while trying to connect (cURL error 35: error:0A00010B:SSL routines::wrong version number (see libcurl - Error Codes ) for

but the server is on this IP and port, how can this problem be solved? Help please

Port 80 is usually plain HTTP, but the URL you provided says https://…

but if I specify Server OnlyOffice Docs in the address He forbids me because he needs https

I don’t use Onlyoffice myself, so I don’t know whether it requires HTTPS or not. What I do know is that port 80 is normally used for plain HTTP and HTTPS normally uses port 443. Also, the error message says that there is a problem with the SSL connection. However, we don’t have any information about your infrastructure or the system(s) on which you have installed Nextcloud and Onlyoffice, and how you have installed and configured them…

It could be the wrong port, it could be the SSL configuration on your webserver/reverse proxy, it could be a network/firewall related…

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Yes, since you’re using https for your Nextcloud Server, you’ll want it for OnlyOffice Server too.

But you’ll need to set-up https on your Only Office Server. You can’t just change the URL. The process for doing so will depend on how you installed OnlyOffice.

For example, if using Docker:

If not using Docker, follow the HTTPS setup instructions for your installation method: