Problem: "upload only" folder not visible for logged-in users (known open request but answered question)


I’ve run into the following problem whilst using the “upload only” function.

What I want to achieve:
Offer a link for any user in order to upload files:

  • These files should not be visible to anybody else
  • No need for anonymous upload capability but as well no problem, if access for anonymous user exists
  • These files will be checked by administrators and then be moved to another folder in order to enable access by others

Any standard folder-sharing / Groupfolders leads to the situation that every user can right away see the uploaded files.
In order to avoid this, I’ve used the “upload only” function:
(see screenshot at the bottom)

Problem statement
If I share this link for “upload only” - it works like expected if user is not logged in.

  • user get’s the upload window, can upload data and the folder is not visible to anybody else

But if a user is already logged in, then the user get’s a “page not found” error-message :frowning:

is this a known behavior?
any idea how to change this - or maybe another way to achieve this “upload-only” functionality for logged-in users?

Any hints welcome :slight_smile:

cheers, j:)rgen.

Screenshot of used settings:

Upload-Window as expected - shows only up for not logged-in users:

Page a logged- in user sees:

[more details]
Nextcloud version: 26.0.2
Operating system and version: FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3 amd64
PHP version : 8.0.27

Is your situation similar to this?

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Hi jtr,

ah - yes, exactly – I’ve not found this whilst searching already for a solution or similar problem statements.

Thank you!
Beeing on the watchlist now - unfortunately obviously open request since a long time…

cheers, j:)rgen.