Problem updating client with repo

After the Update to 2.3.0 the nemo integration stopped working, even though it was also updated:
sudo dpkg -l | grep next
ii libnextcloudsync0 2.3.0-1.0~xenial1 amd64 Nextcloud sync library
ii nextcloud-client 2.3.0-1.0~xenial1 amd64 Nextcloud desktop sync client
ii nextcloud-client-l10n 2.3.0-1.0~xenial1 all Nextcloud client internatialization files
ii nextcloud-client-nemo 2.3.0-1.0~xenial1 all Nemo plugin for Nextcloud

Is this just a minor problem like last time? if so, could you update the package?

greetings and thanks for you effort, i really like the client!

Yes, the problem is the same as it was earlier. I have just published the version 2.3.1 packages in the PPA, which should work correctly. The packages should be available shortly (or perhaps even now), so, please, perform another update to get them.

the new update worked, thanks for your fast reply and your effort!