Problem to connect external resources in nextcloud SMB / CIFS


I have a problem to connect external resources in nextcloud.
Nextcloud 13 and Ubuntu server 17.10.
From Nextcloud, I do not connect to resources via smb.
From the command line it connects to smb without any problem.
You can see both of them in the picture.
Do you know what a problem can be?

I had a similar problem and have filled in the domain name field the ubuntu computer name. After that it worked.

Super, it helped.
Thank you

Hi, this may help for connecting a SMB shared folder on a Synology NAS in an Ipv4 SOHO network :
For example : for the “doc” DSM shared folder

  • NAS IPv4
  • Domain MYWORKGROUP : Samba/SMB is enabled by default on Synology NAS.
    Log into the diskstation manager and go to “File Sharing SMB/AFP/NFS” there you should see “Enable Windows File Service” and if its ticked then SMB is enabled. Then file the workgroup name.