Problem opening tif files

I finally have a nextcloud snap installation running on my ubuntu 18.04. Everything seems to be ok except that I can not open any tif or tiff file. I have enabled tiff preview in config.php and scanned the folder where all the tif files are. Also I installed preview generator and ran it on that folder. However once I click on a tif file, I get a preview screen that says “error loading filename”.

I have no idea what to do next, can someone help me out?

  • Have you checked the file access rights of your tif files on the console?
  • Are the files owned by the web servers user?
  • Are you able to download the tif files to a client and view it there?
  • What messages are logged to the Nextcloud log file if you try to get a tif file displayed on the screen?
  • Have you installed and activated any other image preview app, like e.g. the Camera RAW preview app as described here?

Hey thanks for your reply. I followed your steps to diagnose and when I looked at the log file, it shows an exception from camera raw preview app, saying no preview file found. So I disabled camera raw app in settings and reloaded the file page. After that, it only allows me to download the file, not previewing it. Which means ‘OC\Preview\TIFF’ is not working, I’d presume? I have no idea what is going on, I have already restarted apache and then Ubuntu VM after I added that setting to config.php.

Also I checked config.php again and I do have every file type listed in the provider option:

‘enabledPreviewProviders’ => array (

The original Graphics app has been replaces by the Photos app a couple of versions ago. Based on this issue report, the tif/tiff picture format seems not to be support at the moment.

Good to know that the Camera RAW preview app seems to involved. Based on the requirement information provided on the app project page, the php-imagick and php-gd modules are required to preview this kind of image. Have you double-checked that these requirements are met? It might be worse to file a bug report in the related repository of the app.

Thanks for your help. I’ll check on those two modules.