Problem on External Storage with Windows 2012 R2


I’ve a lot of problems when I try to connect my nextcloud with a Windows 2012 R2 File Server.

My shared folders are on ip 192.169.x.x server, The administrative share is named S$ and the sud shared folders are SCAMBIO.

I cannot (I haven’t a validation) share “S$” as “share” and “SCAMBIO” as “Remote Subfolder” but I can share “S$”" and “/SCAMBIO/TEST” as "Remote Subfolder.

That means that I can share the third level of folders structure but not the second level ?

I don’t have any problem with another File server with Windows 2008 R2.

The installation of Nextcloud is done on : Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTR with Nextcloud 18.04 Stable.

Bst regards

Gian Paolo

Sorry, I solved my problem after the installation of php_smbclient because it was not installed on origin.

Thank you guy