Problem latest iOS update - edit button txt files not working

Hi after updating to the latest iOS app update my notes .txt and .md are not editable. The Edit Button in the lower left corner is not working anymore :frowning:

Server Version 17.0.2
Notes Version 3.1.1
iOS app Version


Hi there,
same here.


Pffieuw i thought was the only one


same here.
iOS 13.3
NC app 2.25.5

However, I can create a new text file, fill in text and store it. But editing of an existing file doesn’t work, neither notes nor any other text file.

Please help!

Okay, upgraded one NC instance to version 18 last night.
With that the app text editor is working, albeit its a bit sedate and NC 18 seems to be buggy still.


Is there no alternative? I’m using NC 17!

Any News about an update of the iOS app?

Today update app - fixed this problem :muscle:
Thank you !