Problem - External Storage fails (with no apparent reason)

Nextcloud version 10.0.3
Operating system and version: nethserver (CentOS 7)
PHP version: 5.4
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: Yes

Hello Forum,

I’ve recently installed Nextcloud (through nethserver). I’ve been a long time user of ownCloud whereby I point my ownCloud external storage to a NAS (connecting using SMB/Cifs) to serve up a folders of PDF docs. This is working perfectly in my ownCloud version 8.1.1, but I’m having trouble achieving the same in my Nextcloud version 10.0.3?

I’ve added in the app for external storage.
I’ve successfully added my external storage in my Admin panel in Nextcloud. I have a green dot beside the Folder Name so I know I’m using the right credentials.
I’ve ensured that the user I’m using (Admin) has access to use this new external storage
I go back to my Files and I don’t see the new folder in my All Files like I do in my ownCloud. But I do see the external folder under an External Folder section. I go there and left click on the folder. My screen flashes for a moment and I’m immediately brought back to my All files folder. My attempt to access this shared storage folder has failed with no apparent error or reason?

Has anyone experienced this before in Nextcloud? I’m not aware of setting up anything ‘special’ when I did this in my older version of ownCloud?

Any advice or next steps I can take to fix this or flush out why it’s happening would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I had this exact problem with a Cifs share in external storage.
In the domain value, I had entered mydomain.lan, and I was getting the same thing, I changed to the capitalized Netbios name MYDOMAIN and then everything worked.

Thanks @wbilger for the reply.

Interesting point. My Nextcloud I’m running from nethserver…and my nethserver is also my PDC. But my NAS device (Imation) is workgroup and not part of the domain. So in my case I left the domain name blank in my external storage settings. I do have a green box beside my external storage so I know the connection has been made successfully. It’s like I can connect to the share on my NAS but nextcloud won’t read anything further into the folders/files on my NAS?

Any suggestions on what the problem is?

I am running NC on NS as well, and I to had the green light, which I took it as access to the share was accepted by the admin user creating the external storage. Then access to the storage was then dependant on proper authorization based on the method you choose. I would try entering your Netbios name in the domain field if you have not already. Beyond that, I would see what the logs say.