Problem CloudBeats scanning large music collection in external drive from Nextcloud


I’m trying to stream a large music collection from Nextcloud to an Android app: CloudBeats.

I’ve created a test user and given all permissions and shared the music folder with unlimited access. When the music folder stored on the same drive my server is on, there are no problems: CloudBeats is able to scan the entire music library and stream it.

When I move the music collection to an external drive, which does function normally within Nextcloud, CloudBeats is unable to scan the music collection.

Any ideas or recommendations would be much appreciated.

did you check if the external files are indexed - e.g. did you navigate in some folders?
because just sharing an external folder does not update the filecache automatically every times.

Hi Rello,

I’ve given up on using CloudBeats, to be honest. My library is big (100+GB of music) and it’s just not working well with CloudBeats. I’ve even created a separate folder for each letter of the alphabet and subdivided the library that way in Nextcloud, but that’s kind of a pain, as you have to scan each letter, which takes time, and even then it sometimes doesn’t work.

CloudBeats worked fine with a smaller library. The helpdesk replied it’s a problem they are aware of with huge libraries like mine.

I am trying to setup Cloudbeats but it keeps saying my SSL Cert on this url is not from trusted authority. I need to update the cert or install root cert. I am lost as to what to do.

any workaround for this? My collection is not particularly large (20G) but Cloudbeats seems unable to scan it. I have to add every artist one by one, really unusable.
Please help