Problem after having a document open for over 30 minutes

After working in any document (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) for over 30 minutes a message like this popup:
“Unable to Refresh Lock. We will try again automatically, but you should try to save your workbook to another location or click Open in Excel.”
“Unable to save workbook. We will try again automatically, but you should download a copy of your workbook.”

And the only workaround is to close the document (losing any changes made after the minute 30) and reopen it.
The Office Online Server is also beeing use by OWA and this error don’t occur.

Nextcloud Details
Nextcloud version: 19.0.3
Operating system: Ubuntu Server 20.04.1
Nginx: nginx/1.19.2
PHP: 7.4.10
Office Online Server
Windows Server: 2016 latest updates installed
Office Online Server: 16.0.10338.20039

I don’t know if this is a misconfiguration or a bug.
Thanks in advance.


Did you find a solution to the problem?


Just noticed the same behavior :frowning:

Might be linked to this (found in ownCloud - Microsoft Office Online integration)

File Locking To Prevent Editing Conflicts

While a given document is being worked on in the Office Online Web App, ownCloud Enterprise keeps it in a locked state so that other users cannot make changes to the file. They can however collaboratively edit the file using Office Online. A lock icon in the file view of ownCloud Enterprise reflects the files’ state. If a user has locked a file and loses connection, the files is automatically unlocked after 30 minutes. Files are locked by ownCloud Server through WebDav.

And this (found in Key concepts — WOPI REST Documentation 2016.01.27 documentation)

Therefore, WOPI locks must:

  • Be associated with a single file.
  • Contain a lock ID of maximum length 1024 ASCII characters.
  • Prevent all changes to that file unless a proper lock ID is provided.
  • Expire after 30 minutes unless refreshed (see RefreshLock).
  • Not be associated with a particular user.

Opened an issue on github 30 minutes limit on office online server documents · Issue #125 · roscomputing/richdocuments · GitHub

The issue is closed. Update to wopi 3.5.7 :slight_smile: I edited a document for over two hours without any problem.