Problem activating Community Document Server 0.1.12 on Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.4)

Hi, i have a strange problem activating the Community document server 0.1.12 on Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.4).

When I try to activate the app I get this error:

The column ‘change_index’ on table ‘oc_documentserver_changes’ already exists.

I tried to find some hints for the reason but had no luck. The Nextcloud runs on Ubuntu 20.04 with postgresql 14.2.

The installation was tried via Web and on commandline via occ, the error message is the same. I removed the app and reinstalled it - same error.

Does anybody have a hint for me what could be the reason? I haven’t done the first try of the installation but was told the error message has been the only one that came up.