Private rss link support for podcast?

Is private podcast rss link supported ?

It does not seem to work out of the box.


What exactly do you mean by private rss link? The requirements for the RSS URL are:

  • your server can reach the URL
  • the URL starts with http:// or https:// (ignoring the case)

Some podcast link are behond a paywall, and a unique link is generated,


On my own usecase, I want to add
podcast:// ()

And it is not recognyzed


Replacing podcast:// by https:// actually worked…
thx again

Okay great. However, there’s no guarantees that this would work with each and every service providing podcast:// links.

The Music app checks the URI scheme to be http:// or https:// for security reasons, the main purpose here is to prevent the use of URIs referring to the local files of the server as that might give any logged in user the possibility to read arbitrary files from the server. It probably wouldn’t hurt to allow also podcast:// and a few others; it seems that at least Apple has at some point supported many kinds of URI schemes for podcasts as listed in Howerver, the only one of them listed as an official scheme is feed:// and none of them are listed as “unofficial but commonly used”:

Music v1.8.2 has now been released, and there, a wider range of URL schemes is allowed for the podcast feeds.