Private Links to Public Polls?

I have made a public poll. I have set the switch in the sharing panel to right. So I have created a token for the public link. Then I have invited som people to take part in the poll. They did. But now I have from each of the participants an individual enty in the sharing panel with an individual link.

Why that? Why to the participants need individual links to the poll?

Every participant gets his own invitation link, so he is able to reenter the poll using this personal link. The personal public link is created after registration to this poll.

Not a solution but maybe you like also the app Forms. The app works differently. E. g. via a public link questions can be answered. Afterwards, however, the participants no longer have access to their own vote. Where in the latest versions you can give groups the permission to view the results of forms.

I don’t know which user story you try to solve. I just explained why you see added shares.

Forms is a survey tool, which addresses different use cases.

Oops. different user. :slight_smile:

Yes sometimes you are right. But i think there are examples where you can use Polls and Forms.