Private Documentation/Manual in Nextcloud itself (mix of Markdown, HTML)

Hi folks,

is it possible to integrate my private (markdown, html) documentation or manual in Nextcloud?
Only users of this Nextcloud should be able to access this documentation.

Currently I have a mkdocs documentation that can only be accessed on the intranet. But then everyone. And unfortunately not from the internet.

Thank you very much

Have you considered using the Text or markdown or Notes or Collectives app to create your own documentation? They are all available from the app store and can be shared among your users as you see fit.

You can also download PDF copies of the existing Admin and User documentation to share with your users.

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Considered? Yes. But not found useful!

My current documentation consists of 250 md files (resp. html pages). With many essential html components.

Well, then you can put those files into a folder and share that folder among your users / admins.
And open that folder in whatever app you prefer. I like Notes app myself for straight markdown.

HTML and rich text are not supported in Nextcloud itself. You’ll have to open and edit those with some other tool.

Sorry, I don’t understand this.
If I put (loose) html files in the cloud, then this does nothing, because no links work.

It is not supported by any nextcloud tool. Only text and markdown text

Okay, that’s too bad.
The Nextcloud documentation itself is also integrated:
It would have been great if you could create something like that yourself.

I agree, I would love if you would create it for both of us! In the meantime, I started a thread asking what tool people are using to edit their rich text and html files:

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Might be an aside, but the Pico CMS app is available for hosting markdown as a website. I don’t think it has any advantage or feature set comparable to mkdocs, but might interest you!