privacyIdea don't work with nextcloud 15...?

Hi there,
what’s about the 2 factor authentication with privacyIdea? Why doesn’t it work any longer in nextcloud 15?

We have nextcloud installations (version 13) that work perfect together with a privacyIdea solution. We would like to update to version 15 of nextcloud.

Now we have a great problem!!!

Is there a solution available???

Thanks a lot!!!


Nextcloud changed it’s 2FA API and broke the backward compatibility.
On of the reasons to do so was probably to allow the admin to force the user to do 2FA.
I also would have preferred, if this new functionality would have been introduced in a new class and not by changing the existing IProvider class.
Here is a discussion how to fix the broken pieces at github.
It would be great if someone could jump in an adapt the interface on the Nextcloud side.