Privacy module says: Your files are not protected by encryption

so i am new with this and i though that decreption is activated by default… but its not?

Screenshot from 2024-03-18 19-30-34

How do i activate this?

There’s an entire chapter in the Admin Manual covering Encryption*:

*Server-side encryption

Did you understand what is meant by that? Do you know the difference between server-side and client-side encryption? Do you know that the server-side encryption probably mentioned here only makes sense if the files are not stored on your Nextcloud, but e.g. in an object storage and the data is only protected by the host of the object storage and not on your Nextcloud?

documentation (server-side-encryption):

Encryption keys are stored only on the Nextcloud server, eliminating exposure of your data to third-party storage providers. The encryption app does not protect your data if your Nextcloud server is compromised, and it does not prevent Nextcloud administrators from reading user’s files.

For real encryption you need end-to-end-encryption:

This would require client-side encryption, which this app does not provide. If your Nextcloud server is not connected to any external storage services then it is better to use other encryption tools, such as file-level or whole-disk encryption.

documentation encryption (both)

server side encryption
end-to-end encryption

For whitepaper you must register. I have no idea why Nextcloud GmbH does not issue this directly for AGPL software.

The last encryption type is “Encrypted data transfer” HTTPS. But this is a standard feature for transport.

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