Printscreen saves to screenshot folder

Hi all, I am for one very very grateful to the developers and to Linux format for my introduction to NextCloud, it’s awesome.

Being a windows users and EX-DROPBOX user I am a complete newbie to Linux, yet here I am wth a 120GB cloud server running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and with SSL, so if I can do it, practially anyone can :slight_smile:

The reason I’m dumping dropbox aside from the privacy issue, is that they are stopping the ability to share files publicly, to actually embed an image, video or MP3 is brilliant, but they must have their reasons to kiss it goodbye.

No other service offered that, and from what I’ve read it’s both a liability and a security issue.

But that said it will be missed, embedding was brilliant.

So on to the topic at hand, something else that Dropbox does is capture the clipboard after the PrintScreen key is pressed, then it stores it as a PNG in the screenshot folder. What a boon it is too.

If you NextCloud devs could one day add this to the client I’d be very obliged.
It does come in very useful from time to time.

Many thanks for an excellent server package,

P.S. I’d also appreciate when you next edit the online-help you include instructions for numpty’s like me, the experts will almost certainly know what’s what while a newbie like me just scratches their heads.

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Checkout :slight_smile:

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Thanks Piotr, I’m not sure if it helps windows users though :slight_smile:

@dazbobaby hey guys did we find a better solution to this? This is one of the best features of Dropbox for sure. I would love this in Nextcloud. I also am curious if there is a solution in the “Apps” section, but i have not found one off hand, unless i missed it. Thanks for your help!!


Hello! Is there any news about this feature? This would be a huge time save for everyone that likes to store screenshots in the cloud. I currently use a screenshot tool that automatically uploads the screenshot to Google Drive and would love the same feature either as an App or a PRT SC hotkey. Thanks!

+1. Definitely. Nextcloud rocks, but this would make it even better. :slight_smile:

Nextshot? It works really well to take screenshots fast and sharing them.