Print directly from Nextcloud: Printer App

Bonjour la communauté,

I use a CUPS network printer on my home network. An RPi hosts the CUPS server and nextcloud is installed on a dedicated server.
How to configure the nextcloud Printer application to print documents from a nextcloud share on my home network? The CUPS server has a local IPV4 address.
Thank you, e-alfred for this application which fills an obvious gap in nextcloud.


You can follow these installation instructions for basic setup. Also, see outstanding issues and pull request.

Docs copy pasta follows

You need a working CUPS setup with a compatible printer set up as the default printer and the LPR daemon installed on your server.

On Debian, you can install the packages `cups` and `cups-bsd` and configure a default printer in CUPS (please refer to the CUPS documentation on how to do that). You can verify the installation with `lpstat -p` and `lpstat -d` after you configured CUPS correctly.

To install the app itself on your instance, simply navigate to »Apps« in your Nextcloud web interface, choose the category »Tools«, find the Printer app and enable it.

## Usage

Just open the details view of the file (Sidebar). There should be a new tab called "Printer". Select a Orientation of your print and it will try to ececute the LPR (Line Printing Daemon) on the CLI to send the job to a printer configured in CUPS. Currently, only the printer set as default can be used for printing.

Possible orientations are "Landscape" and "Portrait". Further options will be added in the future.

Thank you for your answer but I don’t want to install a cups server on my LAMP nextcloud server, I just want to configure the Printer application to print on a dedicated cups server on my local network (IPV4 address).
The Printer application is not compatible with nextcloud 20 at the moment. Maybe this feature is under consideration… in the future.


I’d open a feature request on their github repo. :+1: