Primary Nextcloud storage with Amazon S3

I have an existing Nextcloud server (version 10) running on an AWS EC2 instance with 1.5GB of files on the filesystem. I don’t want to host the files here but instead host them solely on an S3 bucket.

I have installed the External Storage plugin which connected OK but only created a sub-folder which synced OK. I have read other forum posts here but they haven’t really explained how to achieve what I need. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Side question: With the host name variable in the configuration, is it possible to select an internal domain (or IP address) rather than a public domain in an effort to avert additional bandwidth costs?


Can no one point me in the right direction?

I too would like to know this?

This was an exclusive feature in OC but NC rewrote an open source version which is used since NC 11 (

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Years of searching… now I have a solution, :grinning:

OK, thank you for this. I’ll have a read over the net few days.