Previewing files without downloading?

Hi, is it possible like in case of Google Drive just to preview the photos/other files from the client? Normally when I use Nextcloud app on iOS and Android and want to see the picture it downloads to device’s memory. Due to space limitations I would like to keep my files in cloud and only preview from the devices.


did you ever sort this out?
I have the same question running Nextcloud on an Unraid server and on IOS clients.

Pictures are taken on IOS device and uploaded automatically to Unraid server once connected to any WiFi. Durban to storage limitations IOS camera roll gets cleaned regularly.

Now I would like to Preview photos in the Nextcloud IOS app prior deciding to download it to the device. Instead, whenever I click a file in Nextcloud app it downloads the file to the device which renders the whole process useless…

Any idea how to solve this?