Preview (not preview generator app) useful settings?

Version of Nextcloud and operating system not really relevant.

I use different Nextclouds. The camera from my mobile phone has got 4032 × 3024 pixel.

Nextcloud 1:
→ preview: 4032 × 3024, e.g. 4 MB

Nextcloud 2:
→ preview: 2000 × 1500, e.g. 500 KB to 1 MB

My simple questions:
a.) What is a useful configuration (pixel x pixel)?
b.) What is the default configuration?
c.) Is the default configuration useful?
d.) Where can i set the configuration?
e.) Why i never get 1680x1050 seen in the url (i think that makes no sense)?

Nextcloud 1 is Nextcloud 24, Nextcloud 2 is Nextcloud 23.
But i think the problem does not belong to the release.

The documentation Previews configuration does not really help me.

Personally, i find this question important, as it both delays loading time and can increase the bandwidth needed and thus nextcloud load.

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