"preview" namespace missing in 12.0.3

I am running the latest 12.0.3 and have enable the preview app but the app doesn’t look to be added the the occ commands list. Is this feature broken in 12.0.3?

occ preview:pre-generate
There are no commands defined in the “preview” namespace.

For me it just works fine. Did you try to remove and reinstall the app? Also there was an update recently, although it did work before that also.

This was a fresh install from the download for 12.0.3
I will try a uninstall from the command line and install again.

In case: I mean just remove and add the preview generator app again, which adds the name space to occ.

Disabled then enabled from command line worked. I did try that from web interface but occ command line did the trick
Thanks for the hints.