Preview generation is inverted black-white

Debian 12
Nextcloud AIO v7.12.1
Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.5)
Preview Generator v 5.4.0

Yesterday there was an update of my AIO container, since then image preview generation are black-white inverted (see at the end).
I looked in the app setting, and saw that the Preview Generator wasn鈥檛 even installed, so I did that and restarted the server, did not change anything.

How do I fix this? I don鈥檛 know what the AIO update exactly made yesterday, it came out of nowhere (it is only supposed to do at 4 am, but did it at 7 pm).

Best Jonny

This is how the preview in nextcloud looks (web and app), the image looks fine when downloaded.

Hi, this id tracked here: New preview images / thumbs (of large photos) are black & white only 路 Issue #4239 路 nextcloud/all-in-one 路 GitHub

Hi, thank you.

Weird I din鈥檛 find this when I searched online.