Prevent to Print ,Save or Download PDF

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If there is workaround to achieve features like on Google Drive that when you creating public link the PDF file have option to disable the download, also to print , If you try to print the file it will be blank page.

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When you create a public link, there is a 3 dots menu. You can hide the download button.
Im afraid that you can’t hide the print button in a share link.
Notice that hiding these buttons will only stop some user but not all.

If you see content you also can print it. E.g. with a window screenhooter.
Also you find e.g. the file in Nextwork Analysis of your browser (mostly F12).

I think Nextcloud is only honest. There is also no E2E-encryption in nextcloud browser version because it is not honest to sell it (security problems in javascript, …).

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If you use OnlyOffice as standard to open pdf-files and disable downloading it won’t show a print-button.

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Yes I also tried it, but if you try the google drive features even the print button in your browser is also not functioning it will blank page if you try to print a document.

From OnlyOffice yes there is no print button but the print button in browser works.

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You can disable this via the customCSS app in design-settings. Just add the following to disable printing via browser for onlyoffice:

@media print
  #onlyofficeFrame {display:none;visibility:hidden;}

But you have to know that anybody with technical skills will ever be able to print your document.

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